Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wanted: Special kind of Doctor

Does anyone know someone who's well-versed in blowing your frustrations away? If you do, please drop me a call. The number is 911-CONFUSED. Disturbing? Of course it is, and it's worst when you couldn't find a way to escape.

Perhaps, you know what it seems to be when you're becoming even more frustrated upon knowing the fact that you are frustrated. You know what I mean, don't you? At least, that's how it tries to fool around. You get all fuzzed-up and the next thing you see is your ego floating amidst the vast space in the atmosphere. It's totally weird and unpredictable though as you find it troublesome putting the bits and pieces back together as you inevitably try hard coming back to your senses.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Perspective

Catch this cool new song brought to you by Panic! at the Disco. It's called New Perspective - an original soundtrack of the movie Jennifer's Body.

Dammit. Couldn't get this song outta my head ever since I've heard it. I like this song so hear me out, please! ;p

Monday, March 8, 2010

You ooze. You lose.

Isn't it inevitably surprising how some people tend to overpower anybody else just by mere influence? Do these people have this hypnotic stare-at-the-swinging-watch kinda thing?

I don't know how they sort things out but, ultimately, when they suddenly get you all goofed up and sidetracked, there is one common thing any kind of people can easily spot - their big, fiendish, irrational smile as if promising an ill-behaved intent. The moment you fell for it, one thing's for sure: you oozed! And don't get me wrong because even if you're the mighty roadrunner, you don't stand a chance when they got you strapped while your head is fleeing unconsciously by mid-day.

Some crappy yet ingenious little survival tactics can get you all hyped up and well-suited. Heads up, you know the tables have turned. Stop being oozed out by knowing how to loosen the curb.